HomeOwners Insurance

HomeOwners Insurance in California

If you are a homeowner or are currently in the process of buying your first home, it is important to protect your home and family against theft, vandalism, flood, fire, or any other unexpected events. At Audrey’s Insurance, we help put together an insurance plan that is customized to fit your needs. The main coverage for homeowners insurance are:
Dwelling- Pays to repair and rebuild your home and other attached structures up to your policy limits.
Other structures- Just like the dwelling coverage but only provides coverage to the unattached structures.
Personal property-Coverage for damage to or theft of most personal property, including appliances, furniture, electronics, and Jewelry.

Medical payments-Coverage for medical expenses for bodily injury to guests while on your property
Personal liability -coverage for expenses associated with bodily injury or property damage to others Loss of use-Coverage for bills or expenses you have as a result of losing the use or your home.

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